OvalEdge is a data catalog and end-to-end governance tool to make your entire organization’s data accessible, trustworthy and high-quality. The founders started in 2013 believing that employees - from marketing, sales, IT, human resources, and other departments - could do their jobs better if they could develop insights from data across the organization. But they didn’t have the tools to find the data, nor create insights themselves. OvalEdge catalogs the entire organization’s applications, databases, warehouses, and reporting systems and makes it accessible to every user with well-defined access policies. It makes the data easily understandable & trustworthy through its comprehensive data literacy program. The data quality program keeps improving the quality of data in, its lifecycle. Then, it provides various tools for adoption. In 2018, OvalEdge was successfully acquired by Accscient, a firm with strategic holdings in the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors. In 2021, OvalEdge was listed by Gartner in Market Guide for Active Metadata Management.