Traditional OLAP technologies do not meet the demands of petabyte data volumes, consequently limiting the insights enterprises can derive. Qubz unleashes the power of analytics and turbocharges insights through intelligent cubing technology.

Qubz is next-generation OLAP technology built for the scale of Big Data. Qubz enables enterprises to analyze data on the cloud and on-premise, with blazing speed, while eliminating the complex engineering required to operationalize analytics at scale. A fully ANSI-compliant SQL interface, ODBC, JDBC and MDX connectors allow users to query OLAP cubes hosted on Qubz with sub-second response times on hundreds of billions of rows.

Qubz brings to Denodo customers, with its unique capability to source data from virtual data sources, the performance advantages and multi-dimensional views of MOLAP cubes. Denodo customers can now experience a significant improvement in their analytic workloads and a overall reduction in costs.