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Semarchy is the Intelligent Data Hub™ company. Its xDM platform solves for enterprise Master Data Management (MDM), Application Data Management (ADM), and Collaborative Data Governance challenges for some of the most well-known brands in the US and Europe. This agile platform leverages smart algorithms and material design to simplify data stewardship, quality, enrichment and workflows. xDM platform to address challenges such as The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). xDM from Semarchy is implemented via an agile and iterative approach that delivers business value almost immediately and scales to meet enterprise complexity. In fact, over 80% of Semarchy clients have a fully functional solution in under 10 weeks.


Partner Testimonial

"Increasingly, conventional data systems are giving way to a new breed of interactive data management across data lakes, on-premises systems, and cloud-based infrastructures, all of which requires cloud and transactional data integration. Partnering with Denodo, our xDM clients have found that data virtualization is the key component to making information governance and master data management work for their business."
Michael Hiskey, CMO at Semarchy



Webinar: 360 View - How Well Do You Know Your Customer (live from Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2018)

Watch this webinar to learn how data virtualization supports complete view of the customer by providing real-time data access to any individual or organization across the company.

Podcast: Interview with Semarchy (live from Denodo DataFest 2017)

An interview with Michael Hiskey, CMO at Semarchy, a Denodo partner and official sponsor of Denodo DataFest 2017.

Podcast: Interview with Semarchy (live from Denodo DataFest 2017)

In this interview, Richard Branch VP & General Manager at Semarchy discusses how they are challenging the traditional view of MDM projects.

Webinar: Intelligent MDM for Big Data

Understand why MDM is crucial to the success of big data projects.

Press Release: Denodo and Semarchy Team Up To Provide Enriched Views of Master Data To Enterprise Customers

MDM and data virtualization solutions deliver enhanced, accurate views of data without costs related to conventional integration.

Podcast: Interview with Semarchy (live from Virtual Summit 2017)

Understand how a data virtualization layer and a master data management solution can work together to extend the value to the end user.

Podcast: Interview with Semarchy (live from DataFest 2016)

Learn how MDM and the Denodo platform work together to provide value to both IT teams and the business users in a self-service manner.

Solution Brief: Combine Master Data with Transactional Data, to Better Anticipate Customer Needs

Denodo and Semarchy together enable companies to achieve a complete view of the customer by combining data virtualization technology with master data management (MDM).