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Successfully Manage Exponential Data Growth and Build Scalable Analytics

According to a 2022 Statista report, the total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally is expected to have approached 100 zettabytes in 2022. Moreover, the growth of data consumption is exponential; data usage is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual rate of approximately 23 percent over the next three to five years. By the year 2025, we may likely see a one-year data consumption rate approaching 200 zettabytes – nearly double that of 2022. Meanwhile, global storage capacity lags consumption, perhaps by an order of magnitude. Global data storage capacity in the year of 2020 was merely 6 zettabytes compared to a global consumption of more than 60 zettabytes.

The mainstream way of doing business is no longer adequate to meet the data-to-decision requirements of modern data consumers, from both the public and private sectors. Running analytics on disparate data sources using standard ETL (extract, transform, and load) processes places a heavy demand on data replication and transmission, further exasperating the limits of available storage. ETL processes will not scale for clients that seek to gain insights from their ever-increasing, total data holdings that may consist of federated, dispersed, and multi-modal (HR, financial, operational, logistics) data sources.

The SHINE Systems Solution – Data Virtualization and Data Fabrics

In contrast to ETL, data virtualization enables connections to databases, data warehouses, and data lakes through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Data virtualization integrates only the required metadata. Data fabrics seamlessly federate the virtualized metadata from complex data environments: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud. The data fabrics enable the analytics to interface with the virtual data layer, eliminating the need for data replication, therefore reducing the demand for data transmission, and increasing the speed at which analytic users can access the data holdings and develop insights.

Since the data fabric federates solely the virtualized metadata, ensuring data integrity through the analytic process is all but guaranteed. The source data remains encrypted at rest. The data fabric does not need to decode the source data during analysis; the analytics run on the still encoded virtualized metadata. The analytic results remain encrypted to the user access point at which point the user can decode the results into a meaningful form for decision making.

Why SHINE + Denodo

SHINE Systems (SHINE) has been a trusted analytic partner to federal clients for more than 15 years. SHINE leverages our analysts, data engineers, field services representatives, software developers, systems and network engineers, and program managers to exceed the government’s requirements. Working across the span of multiple data domains, which includes all-source intelligence, defense, law enforcement, public health, and education, and the spectrum of data classification from UNCLASSIFIED to TOP SECRET//SCI, SHINE’s certified professionals deliver actionable intelligence to ensure mission accomplishment. To excel well in the future with respect to the evolving ecosphere of data management and AI-enabled analytics at enterprise scale, SHINE is pleased to partner with Denodo Technologies.

Denodo is a global leader in the development and deployment of enterprise data fabrics and data virtualization. According to a 2023 Total Economic Impact study by Forrester based on observations from the previous three years, Denodo customers enjoy 83 percent increase in user productivity, 67 percent reduction in development resources, and 65 percent faster access to data than ETL processes.

SHINE Systems’ Technology Integration (TI)

Building and integrating technology and innovation to improve mission success

  • PMP-certified Program & Project Management of Lifecycle Implementations
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering & Systems Administration
  • COTS & GOTS Software Integration, Product Support, & Training
  • Architecture Design & Review

SHINE Systems’ Decision Analytics (DA)

Applying tools, methodologies, and analysis to produce critical knowledge and decision advantage in military conflict, law enforcement, fraud, biometrics, forensics, and cyber scenarios

  • Desk-Side & Team Software Product Training
  • Business Process Improvement & Re-Engineering
  • Evaluation of Software Product Tools & Training (including Curriculum Development Support)

SHINE Systems is a Small Business Administration (SBA)-certified HUBZone small business and is a trusted mission partner providing expert consulting support to the Federal Government across our core capability areas including Project Management, Technology Integration, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Mission Support.

SHINE Systems supports mission execution for the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Energy (DoE), and others worldwide.

One Mission. One Team. Empowering decisive action by providing critical information wherever the mission requires.

    Business Sales ReadyTrained to position Denodo using sales playbooks, solution-building strategies, and toolkits supported by real-world use cases.
    Technical Sales ReadyCertified to present, compare, and recommend data virtualization powered by Denodo for logical and physical data architectures.
    Product ReadyAccomplished in the concepts for designing, developing, and deploying the Denodo Platform.
    Demo ReadyAdept in performing quick data virtualization capability overviews, competitive comparisons, and customized solution demonstrations on the Denodo Platform.
    PoC ReadyValidated by Denodo in the best practices and methodologies to deliver comprehensive pilots or PoCs of the Denodo Platform.
    Implementation ReadyExpert in the implementation of Denodo use cases with Denodo oversight and advisory support.

Denodo Free Trial

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