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Our Partner Ecosystem

A strong partner ecosystem is key to making our customers stronger. And today, we have a partner network that extends across the globe. Together with our partners we are committed to providing value, flexibility and choice for all our customers.

Data virtualization is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the enterprise data market. Companies and organizations often choose this simple and non-intrusive approach to integrate - in real time - all kinds of dispersed data sources. Denodo is the leader in this sector, and this allows our partners to gain a competitive position in their markets.

Partners are essential for the success of our business and indispensable for adding value to our customers. For this reason, strategic and long term alliances with our partners are a fundamental component of our business strategy.

In exchange for commitment and contribution from our partners, we continually add value through:

  • Increased margins
  • Ease of adoption
  • Product services
  • Increased control/ownership for partners
  • Automated extraction of legacy interfaces
  • Automatic deployment of integration services
  • Automatic debugging
  • Reduction in manual programming
  • Very little code generation required
  • Little product specific know-how required
  • Free development/evaluation license and free initial training

The Denodo Partner Program helps its partners to achieve the best possible results with Denodo technology. Our partner network is important to us. And we continually invest in the ecosystem to support our global partners. If you are interested in knowing more about the Denodo Partner Program please contact us at