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Industry Event

CDO Day LATAM 2021 (Mexico)

Estamos encantados de patrocinar el segundo Chief Data Officer Day LATAM el 24 de noviembre. Únete a nosotros para tener la oportunidad de establecer contacto con los CDO y para debatir cuestiones complejas relacionadas con los datos. No te pierdas nuestra sesión y visita por nuestro stand virtual para aprender a abordar los retos de...

Industry Event

CDAO Deep Dive ASEAN Online: Data Innovation

Denodo is a proud sponsor at CIO Academy Asia's annual flagship summit, ConnectGov Leaders Summit 2021, from 28-29 October!Denodo is a proud sponsor at CDAO Deep Dive ASEAN Online: Data Innovation!Corinium's Data Innovation Online Deep Dive will address the latest in driving data initiatives to growth business, converting traditional...

Industry Event

Digital Gov and Cloud Summit 2021

The DigitalGov and Cloud Conference 2021 maps the narrative around digital service delivery and further integration with cloud platforms.This conference showcases practical case studies, dedicated streams, interactive panel discussions, and practical hands-on workshops featuring the frontline government agencies. These organisations are...

Virtual Event

Lunch & Learn ASEAN: Building a Logical Data Fabric using Data Virtualization

In this monthly edition of our virtual lunch & learn, we will discuss how applying a logical data fabric and the associated technologies of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data virtualization reduce time to value. Hence, increasing the overall business value of your data assets.

Industry Event

16. BI & Analytics Tagung (Germany)

BARC offers you a condensed overview of the best tools for BI and analytics in the context of this conference. Advanced & Predictive Analytics are becoming increasingly important in business intelligence projects. You will see how you can use Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and A.I. to prepare and analyze your...

Industry Event

CDAO Deep Dive ASEAN Online: Data Governance

Denodo is a proud sponsor at CDAO Deep Dive ASEAN Online: Data Governance!Corinium's Data Governance Online Deep Dive will address the latest in how data governance can drive business processes, implement programs that will audit the quality of your data, what governance policies should be erected, cost controls when it comes to scaling...

Industry Event

4º Congreso Internacional de CIOs

Te esperamos en el 4 Congreso Internacional de CIOs, que APD celebrará los próximos 23 y 24 de noviembre en el Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Vuelve a interactuar con otros directivos. Descubre por qué las empresas deben evolucionar hacia una transformación exponencial de sus negocios. Y por qué la tecnología va a ser el nuevo ‘driver’...

Industry Event

Big Data & AI World

Denodo est heureux de sponsoriser la deuxième édition du Big Data & AI World qui aura lieu à Paris, les 23 et 24 novembre 2021 autour des thèmes du big data et de l'IA.Chaque organisation doit désormais prendre en compte de nombreux aspects techniques pour instaurer un SI pérenne et fiable. Ce salon est dédié au big data, au cloud, à...

Industry Event

API Summit

Denodo is proud to sponsor the API Summit in Brussels, on 18th November, 2021 organized by Heliview Conferences & Training. A good API environment is nothing without the knowledge and the right tools. Get in touch with peers such as CDOs, data architects, product owners and find out more about how to successfully implement an API...

Industry Event

World AI Show (Singapore)

Denodo is proud to be a Gold sponsor at the World AI Show, Singapore, virtually gathering CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of AI, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Innovation, and International AI experts from various industries.Hear from Alex Hoehl, Senior Director Partner Channel Sales & Business Development APAC from Denodo as he will be...

Industry Event

AWS Summit Online INDIA 2021

Denodo is delighted to be a gold sponsor at AWS Summit Online INDIA 2021, bringing the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS.The Denodo Platform for AWS accelerates data virtualization adoption with ready-to-use software on the scalable Amazon platform.

Industry Event

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2021 (EMEA)

We're premier sponsors of the Gartner Data & Analytics Virtual Summit in Europe.We're looking forward to the great presentations and roundtables. Make sure you check out our client case study presented by Tekin Mentes from LeasePlan on how they are unleashing the power of data with their data processing factory, or join our live...

Industry Event

Financial Services Technology Innovation Week LATAM 2021 (Mexico)

El mundo digital ha cambiado totalmente nuestra forma de pagar y consumir radicalmente, nuestra relación con las finanzas es totalmente distinta que hace algunos pocos años y lo mejor está todavía por llegar.Ampliar los servicios financieros digitales puede ayudar a las economías en desarrollo a hacer frente a la crisis y a impulsar el...

Industry Event

Executive Roundtable: Dati LEGO-LIKE o Dati IKEA-LIKE (Italy)

We are glad to be part of the executive roundtable "Dati LEGO-LIKE o Dati IKEA-LIKE" organized by IKN Italy. A great opportunity to engage with senior data professionals around topics relevant for the new digital transformation such as Data Analytics & BI, Data Management & Integration, Business Automation, Machine Learning...

Industry Event

Digital Innovation Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory - POLIMI: DataManagement4Value: un cambio culturale e tecnologico (Italy)

We are glad to be support the Politecnico di Milano Innovation Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory. A great opportunity to engage with senior data professionals around topics relevant for the new digital transformation such as Data Analytics & BI, Data Management & Integration, Business Automation, Machine Learning...

Industry Event

Cloud Expo

The “Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung Berlin” is the leading event on administrative modernization and e-government. At the Berlin Future Congress on Government & Administration, leaders and experts from government, academia and business discuss issues related to administrative modernization and digitization as well as the...

Industry Event

IDC Data Monetization & Management 2021 (Portugal)

Denodo and its partner Passio Consulting are proud to sponsor IDC Portugal Data Monetization & Management 2021.It seems like AI is everywhere you turn. However - as is so often the case with new technologies that promise so much, it can be difficult to separate hype from reality. Fixating on futuristic self-driving cars or autonomous...

Industry Event

Digitaler Staat Kongress (DACH)

Denodo is proud to be partner of the Digitaler Staat Kongress, taking place 10– 12 May 2021.The congress is focusing on the digital transformation of public administration at the federal, state and local levels. In 2020, the congress welcomed more than 1,400 executives from the public sector and attracted a great deal of media attention...

Industry Event

Data Summit Connect 2021 (US)

Denodo is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this year's Data Summit Connect.If you want to connect with the leaders and innovators in the industry, discover what works in the real world, and begin charting your course forward, Data Summit Connect is the place to do it. Visit our exhibit any time that is convenient during the live event,...

Industry Event


We are glad to be premium sponsor at "Smart Manufacturing Summit 2021" organized by The Innovation Group. A great opportunity to engage in conversation around topic relevants for the new digital transformation such as Data Analytics & BI, Data Management & Integration, Business Automation, Machine Learning & AI, Data...

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