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PALO ALTO, CA, December 1, 2016 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that its customers, Seacoast Bank and BioStorage Technologies, are the winners of the 2016 Ventana Research Leadership Award in the Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence categories, respectively. Seacoast Bank, one of the largest community banks headquartered in Florida, received this award for democratizing information availability for its line of business managers, empowering them to run their everyday business more effectively and profitably. BioStorage Technologies, a premier global provider of comprehensive biological sample management solutions, also receives this award for using the Denodo Platform to enable a single view into sample data in order to advance bioscience discoveries.

“Our Ventana Research Leadership Awards in 2016 recognizes the leadership at Seacoast Bank’s and BioStorage Technologies’ use of Denodo that through its data virtualization enables business and information processes and effectively use business intelligence tools to reach the desired outcomes of these organizations.,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “Seacoast’s approach to enable self-service BI for its business stakeholders to get access to the data across disparate systems and BioStorage’s approach was to gain insight on its operations in what we call Operational Intelligence. Congratulations to Denodo for their work to empower Seacoast and BioStorage to lead their organizations to new heights in using its data virtualization technology and earning these highly competitive Leadership Awards.”

Seacoast Bank implemented Denodo as a logical data warehouse to easily integrate data across cloud-based and on-premises information systems and deliver the aggregated data as logical data marts to analytical and reporting tools such as SAS and Tableau. Leveraging the Denodo Platform, Seacoast is now able to provide enterprise-wide self-service BI and develop interactive reports and trends using modern reporting tools. More importantly, Seacoast is now accessing, unifying, and modeling new data quickly to serve multiple business units,, enabling them to handle credit administration, risk mitigation, internal operations, and Bank Secrecy Act compliance, in near-real-time. The bank regards the ability to quickly pull data as a significant value-added improvement.

“Denodo’s data virtualization technology has played a critical role in enabling our business users to garner valuable information through self-service reporting,” said Mark Blanchette, VP and director business technology and data management at Seacoast. “This capability has increased the speed at which business is carried out at Seacoast Bank.”

Additionally, BioStorage created an analytics platform using data virtualization, so the company can go beyond providing sample management and provide additional services that are related to biological samples. That augments the information intelligence that BioStorage can provide to its end customers. This initiative also created an entirely new line of business, establishing BioStorage as a technology solution provider as well as a sample management provider, enabling the company to obtain a unique position in the market.

“We needed a sample data management informatics platform that was scalable, capable of high performance, and able to enhance BioStorage’s capability to integrate sample inventory information with laboratory, clinical research, patient consent and other sample related data” said Rick Hart, director of technology solutions at BioStorage Technologies. “The Denodo Platform easily surpassed our expectation and opened new doors for biopharma and academic researchers, biobank managers, and medical centers enabling them to gain invaluable insights on their samples to support them in optimizing their sample libraries and advance their medical research and patient care decisions.”

Data virtualization is an agile data integration technology that enables companies like Seacoast and BioStorage to liberate their business users with self-service BI capabilities in real time. Data virtualization delivers complete, business-critical information at a fraction of the cost and time of other solutions. Business users benefit from faster access to data, and IT teams continue to deliver data undisrupted without worrying about changes to the underlying systems.

“Data virtualization has become a necessary component of our customer’s modern enterprise data architecture across a wide range of industries,” said Ravi Shankar, CMO of Denodo. “Seacoast and BioStorage’s use cases are perfect examples of how organizations can leverage data virtualization to create significant business value by empowering business stakeholders and accelerating time-to-market. We congratulate both Seacoast and BioStorage for being recognized as winners, and we applaud their efforts.”

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About the Ventana Leadership Awards
The 2016 Leadership Awards will bring forward the leaders and pioneers who have contributed to their organizations’ successes. These practitioners realize that successful business technology efforts require a team effort guided by leadership, and our awards will bring industry attention to those that have committed their resources to this critical undertaking. The Ventana Research Leadership Awards cover 30 business and technology categories and are open for organizations across business and IT, technology vendors, and consulting firms. Analyst reviews, case studies, and submissions are evaluated based on the stringent guidelines set out by awards program criteria. Ventana Research 2016 Leadership Award recipients are announced and presented to the market through our press announcement. All winners will be recognized and the award recipients and their supporting technology vendors and/or consulting firms will receive a prestigious award from Ventana Research.


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