Denodo Strengthens Its Partnership with Hortonworks with HDP 2.5 Certifications

Denodo Platform 6.0 Earns HDP, YARN Ready, and Security Ready Badges

PALO ALTO, CA, August 18, 2017 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization and a member of the Hortonworks Partnerworks Program, today announced that it has earned the HDP, YARN Ready, and Security Ready badges for the strategic integration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.5. Denodo and Hortonworks customers can now benefit from the lower costs of using Hadoop while leveraging data virtualization to bridge big data with other enterprise data for data discovery, a single view of the customer, and predictive analytics.

The Partnerworks Program enables independent software vendors like Denodo to develop, test, certify, deploy, and support joint solutions with Hortonworks products. Denodo’s data virtualization technology was reviewed for architectural best practices, validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads, and comprehensively documented by Hortonworks. Denodo validated that its data virtualization product – Denodo Platform 6.0 – flawlessly interoperates with the latest HDP 2.5 in three ways. First, the Denodo Platform can query the Hadoop system through Hive. Since Hive provides a SQL interface to Hadoop, the Denodo Platform pushes down the query processing to the source, and sends back just the results, greatly accelerating performance. Also, the Denodo Platform can directly access unstructured data in Hadoop, using APIs. Finally, the Denodo Platform provides full support for Apache Ranger, the trusted security framework for Hadoop. Upon demonstration of these scenarios, Hortonworks certified that Denodo Platform 6.0 successfully interoperates with HDP 2.5, awarding it the HDP, YARN Ready, and Security Ready badges.

Data virtualization technology seamlessly bridges the gap between the existing and the new big data worlds by providing unified views of data across all enterprise systems. This single virtual data layer abstracts the underlying data sources and formats and enables business users to view the holistic data in real time. Business users further benefit by being able to use SQL to access big data rather than learning Pig, Hive, and other big data access technologies.

“We are thrilled to earn HDP 2.5 certification along with YARN Ready and Security Ready badges,” said Ravi Shankar, chief marketing officer at Denodo. “Many of our mutual customers are realizing significant business value by leveraging data virtualization with Hadoop for data discovery, a single view of the customer, and predictive analytics. Denodo’s award-winning technology offers the broadest access to structured and unstructured data – residing in enterprise, big data, and cloud sources, in real time as RESTful data services – exceeding the performance needs of data-intensive organizations for both analytical and operational use cases.”

In 2014, Denodo Platform 5.5 was certified with HDP 2.1 and earned HDP and YARN Ready badges.

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