Denodo Customers Estes Express Lines and Sunbelt Rentals Named Finalists in Ventana Research’s 15th Annual Digital Leadership Awards

Organizations acknowledged for leveraging logical data fabric, powered by data virtualization, to unify data in support of digital transformation and self-service data initiatives

PALO ALTO, Calif., October 26, 2022Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that two of its customers have been named Finalists in Ventana Research’s 15th Annual Digital Leadership Awards. Estes Express Lines was recognized for leveraging the Denodo Platform to provide enterprise data in real-time, while Sunbelt Rentals was praised for using the Denodo solution to simplify and accelerate data access.

The prestigious Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards are designed to spotlight organizations and individuals that utilize technology to advance business and IT. More importantly, these Awards spotlight the individuals and organizations that have utilized and championed modernization and transformation across their people, process, information, and technology to grow their business and industry market potential. Details of the finalists’ use cases include:

Estes Express Lines, the largest privately held freight transportation company in North America, was named a finalist in the data category, which recognizes the organization and technology that best exemplifies leadership in data and related technologies that support data and information management related needs. Estes Express Lines set out on a mission to ensure customer and business users - and the applications all parties relied on - had real-time data access to empower self-service reporting and analytics.

With Denodo, Estes Express Lines created a Logical Data Fabric over all of its enterprise internal and cloud based data sources to deliver real-time data consistency, establish a single source of truth, and modernize their data integration efforts to empower business users. Using all of its enterprise data, and having it available in one single centralized location allows Estes Express Lines to focus on the customer and provide data and Information on Shipments when and where it’s needed.

“The Denodo Platform has completely revolutionized the way things are done at Estes,” said Bob Cournoyer, Senior Director, Data Strategy & Services, at Estes Express Lines. “When our company completed the proof of concept (POC), we were completely blown away by what Denodo’s logical data fabric was able to accomplish, and because of its ease-of-use, we were able to get our first project up and running in just 6 weeks.”

Sunbelt Rentals, a leader in the equipment rental industry, and the second largest rental provider in North America, was named a finalist in the data business category, which recognizes the organization and technology that best exemplifies leadership in the technologies that support any or all of the following areas: Business Continuity, Digital Communications, Digital Security, Digital Transformation, Experience Management, Governance & Risk, Performance Management, and Sustainability Management. Sunbelt Rentals wanted to grow from the number two equipment rental company in North America to number one. To meet this goal, Sunbelt Rentals needed a growth plan capable of driving and supporting an enterprise-wide digital transformation that would place data at the heart of the journey.

Looking to overcome the limitations of ETL, Sunbelt Rentals set out to modernize their data integration efforts and create a single access point for the business and developer teams to access all of their data assets and chose the Denodo Platform to serve as their Enterprise Data Hub; a single centralized location that would allow all individuals to access disparate and trusted data regardless of source, location, or structure. Using Denodo, Sunbelt Rentals is making data available faster to all of its existing Cloud and On-premises systems and applications to support their digital transformation efforts and ensure team members have the information they need to better serve their customers.

“When it comes to technology, I am a very hard guy to impress. Denodo blew my mind. What initially began with integrating on-premises data sources, quickly expanded beyond the POC and Denodo is now being used to connect to cloud-based data sources and other systems that are relied upon by e-commerce, field operations and other teams responsible for creating a superior customer experience." said Jeff Ptak, director of Data Engineering & Analytics at Sunbelt Rentals "It has been an absolute game changer for us. We saved almost 15 weeks of engineering time using Denodo.”

“We want to congratulate our customers Estes Express Lines and Sunbelt Rentals for their efforts and for their innovative use of Denodo’s Logical Data Platform to support key initiatives,” said Ravi Shankar, CMO and SVP at Denodo. “Ventana’s Digital Leadership Awards are designed specifically to highlight and acknowledge the contributions these leaders have made to the business and we are thrilled to see them credited for the way they have applied our platform to make such an impact.”

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