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PALO ALTO, Calif. and TORONTO, Canada, September 25, 2023Denodo, a leader in data management, and Data Sentinel, the leader in sensitive data management innovation and provider of the Data Trust and Compliance platform for businesses, have partnered to create a solution that automates the time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks related to compliance with Canada’s new Quebec Law 25. To address the needs of companies that serve Quebecois customers, the solution helps organizations facilitate compliance with Law 25 with unprecedented speed and efficiency. To learn more click here.

The key components of Law 25, which went into effect on September 22nd, governs the protection of Quebec residents’ personal data. Like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it applies not only to its country of origin but to all companies that serve the protected customers. A similar proposed law, Bill C-27, also aims to change existing Canadian laws to help prevent identity theft and, if passed, can be addressed using the same solution.

The offering enables organizations that manage large volumes of data across many different systems to identify all instances of where personally identifiable information (PII) resides without having to scour multitudes of records and/or files. The Denodo Platform enables real-time access to a myriad of different cloud and on-premises data sources, including both structured and unstructured, without replication. Data Sentinel scans the contents of all these sources and assigns classifications to all instances of potentially sensitive information. These classifications can be imported back into the Denodo Platform as tags and a data steward can create security policies to restrict data access, mask/partial mask the data, or remove them, according to the organization’s data protection and compliance rules without having to write code.

“I’m excited that, together, Data Sentinel and Denodo can help Canadian companies and the companies that serve them, to identify and protect the PII of the citizens of Quebec,” said Mark Rowan, CEO of Data Sentinel. “Complying with Law 25 is not easy and there is a lot at stake. Companies serving citizens of Quebec must act quickly to implement the people, processes, and technologies needed to comply with the new regulation.”

Data Sentinel performs the initial data assessment/automated data mapping to discover all of the sensitive data contained within an organization and classify them. Once complete, the classifications can be imported back into the Denodo Platform - automating a very challenging aspect - to help organizations comply with the pending data privacy regulation while dramatically reducing cost, complexity, and time-to-market.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Data Sentinel to help Canadian companies simplify Law 25 and the expected Bill C-27 compliance,” said Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architectures & chief evangelist, Denodo. “Our business is growing rapidly in Canada, as we continue to help organizations that do business in Quebec streamline and meet ongoing compliance issues. Leveraging the Denodo Platform and Data Sentinel solution, companies can implement a strong data governance strategy to not only easily comply with Law 25, but also to help achieve their aggressive growth objectives.”

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