Logical Data Lakes

Are you aware of the next industrial revolution on the horizon? Are you prepared to capitalize on forthcoming opportunities arising from rapidly connecting Big Data, IoT and Cloud technologies for real-time insights and predictions? Adopt a Logical Data Lake for Digital Industrial Revolution.

Implement a single governed data lake as a viable solution for managing physical data lakes, and providing access to all the information contained therein for enabling an organization to power its analytics. Data virtualization enables the pursuit of a data lake strategy without the cost and complexity of implementing a physical data lake.

By employing a Logical Data Lake Strategy using the Denodo Platform, you can:

  • Query Hadoop Data Lake in combination with other structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources using a single logical data lake.
  • Avoid data swamps by employing a light-weight data governance approach which helps enterprises to maximize the value of their data lake.
  • Empower users to access the information they need for building trusted reports.
  • Enable Data scientists to build sandboxes for mixing incoming data with historical data, analytical data, and local data.
  • Prevent a physical data lake from becoming a silo.


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