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Information Management Solution from Affecto and Denodo

Traditional integration technologies are rigid and costly. This severely limits visibility into business information and prevents the enterprise from capitalizing on the data they are sitting on. Worse, organizations are faced with the escalating cost of cumbersome legacy data management techniques.Data virtualization is an agile data integration platform that makes it easy to abstract and view data, no matter where the data resides. Affecto and Denodo have joined forces to bring the power and benefits of data virtualization to the market. Leveraging Denodo’s superior technology and Affecto’s...

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Business Intelligence & Data Virtualization Expedition

Affecto and Denodo hereby invite you to see how visual analytics and data virtualization combined with a lean governance model can help your IT and business sectors support each other.Prepare data ten times faster for exploration and analytics!Access and prepare any source for your business in no time.Explore next generation architecture where the balance between business agility and IT control is struck perfectly.Affecto og Denodo inviterer deg med dette til å sjå korleis visuell analyse og datavirtualisering kombinert med eit pragmatisk styresett kan hjelpe IT og forretning å støtte...

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