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Data Virtualization for Information Agility: An Overview
Speaker: Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management, Denodo.Data Virtualization is adopted as a critical information management capability by leading firms such as AAA and Biogen Idec to address the most pressing data and process integration challenges facing organizations today. Industry experts and analysts affirm its strategic role in enterprise architecture for increasing agility and flexibility in the delivery of information.
Data Virtualization for Unified Data Services: Fast, Flexible Data Delivery
Featured Guest: Randy Heffner, VP & Principal Analyst & Denodo Customers, Biogen Idec & R Cable.Leading organizations are investing in new business capabilities, but are they tackling the exponential growth of data and process integration challenges?To fully leverage new business capability investments, organizations need faster, more flexible data delivery to a multitude of new applications amidst increasing data volumes, diversity and complexity of data sources. Traditional integration approaches are far too costly and not flexible enough to deliver data when and where required.
Biogen Idec Deploys Agile Reporting Solution Using Denodo to Provide Accurate Daily Sales Reports Across 90 Countries, Including Distributors and Wholesalers
"As a large biotechnology company, Biogen Idec sells its drugs globally in over 90 countries through multiple wholesalers and distributors. Senior executives monitor drug sales and market share using daily sales reports by drug and territory.Business analysts at Biogen were manually collecting sales data from numerous internal and external sources, including wholesalers and distributors worldwide, in various formats like Excel, PDF, XML file transfer etc. They had to monitor the file versions, normalize formats and currencies, and consolidate sales figures with in - ternal forecast and budget...
Biogen Idec
ChallengesTypical of many large companies, the business analysts at Biogen Idec were having to manually collect, collate, and integrate data for many of the reports. Critical sales reports to executive management were taking too long to generate, resulting in information that was delivered too late to be truly actionable. The executive mandate to grow revenues by 20% annually created additional pressures on the business analysts as they needed to create new reports, integrate new data sources such as web data, and frequently modify existing reports.Biogen Idec were having to deal with...