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Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) for Business Decision Makers

Leverage Data Virtualization to Turn Raw Data into Actionable IntelligenceBusiness decision makers are not analysts, but they are often called upon to play the role of analysts by poring over tables of raw data to derive actionable insights. Ultimately, business decision makers need more than raw data; they need clean, curated information that is custom-fi t to their goals, so that when it arrives, it is immediately intelligible. In short, what they need is data-as-a-service (DaaS).Download this solution brief to learn more about:

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Case Study: Delivering Self-service Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse and Data Virtualization

Enabling self-service analytics is a challenge when the data is spread across multiple disparate external and internal sources. Gain an understanding of how Brooks Life Science Systems used data virtualization as a logical data warehouse to build a transformational and scalable informatics platform. Learn how Brooks uses Data-as-a-Service model to deliver self-service analytics for its customers. The discussion will focus on the challenges associated with integrating global, disparate data, building an informatics platform using data virtualization, enabling self-service through Data-as-a-...

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Denodo DataFest 2016 Interviews: BioStorage Technologies

In this interview Rick Hart, Director of Technology Solutions at BioStorage Technologies, explains their business need for data virtualization in terms of managing their biological samples within their inventory management system.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2016 page for details on all the sessions.

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Video: Single View of Research Data

This is a video of a presentation by Lori Ball of BioStorage, an Indiana-based global sample management service provider, and Suresh Chandrasekaran of Denodo Technologies, which addresses a solution for building a holistic "Single View of Research Data" within your organization across multiple R&D data services, using data virtualization.Watch and learn:

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