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Denodo DataFest 2018 Panel: Harnessing Data Virtualization to Accelerate Cloud Modernization

Panel discussion by: Mike Ferguson, Independent Analyst, Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies; Gerhard Lennox, Senior Data Engineer, 2U; Stijn (Stan) Christiaens, Co-founder & CTO, Collibra; Arun Dixit, Principal Architect, UST Global.

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Data Governance in a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environment

Denodo partner presentation by Stan Christiaens, Co-founder and CTO, Collibra.

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Denodo DataFest 2018 Panel: Tackling Compliance with Data Virtualization

Panel discussion by: Wang Cheung, Director of Data Platform Architecture, Guardian Life Insurance; Mark Lochbiler, Director, Partner Engineering, Hortonworks; Steve Tetrault, Director of Solutions, Neudesic; Stan Christiaens, Co-founder and CTO, Collibra

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