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Partner Solution Brief: Value and Denodo

Many companies continue to use and maintain legacy systems, hoping to someday modernize their data infrastructure. It is not only the prediction of downtime and the obvious consequences in daily operations that slow down this change: many organizations are reluctant to replace their systems also due to the expensive investment they had to make to implement it.Due to these issues, many organizations lack the agility to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing market.Together, Denodo and Value allow companies to modernize their data infrastructures by drastically reducing downtime, in order...

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Partner Panel: The Role of Data Virtualization in Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Panel by Patrick Meneses, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at MDI Novare; Cameron Tuesley, CEO at Integral; Syed Rasheed, Principal Product Marketing at Denodo; and moderated by Alex Hoehl, Senior Director Business Development APAC at Denodo.

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DXのためのデータ分析基盤構築の最新トレンド! 仮想統合と物理統合それぞれのメリット・デメリット (Japan)

DXを実現するために欠かせない横断的なデータ分析基盤の構築、分析基盤を構築するためのアプローチとしては、大きく分けて仮想的にデータをつなぐ方法と物理的にデータを一か所に集める方法が考えられます。データにアクセスする方法として全く異なる2つのアプローチをそれぞれ代表的な製品であるDenodoとQlik Replicateを例にとって、それぞれの強み、または課題となりうる点を包み隠さず紹介します。

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Strengthening trust and secure transparency in the government’s use of data

Presented at Aus Government Data Summit 2022In the public sector, wider sets of disparate data holds the key to improving public digital services. Trusting dispersed data and how it is used is high on the list of public requirements, alongside transparency and protection of personal data.For better access, trust and control, an innovative data management framework is required. Single data warehousing or data lakes are not practical. An architecture that integrates seamlessly both traditional and modern data systems, simplifies data complexity, provides unified data governance and enforces...

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Technological Solutions | Maximising the true potential of your data assets

Presented at Digital Gov and Cloud Summit 2021Data Virtualisation is a logical data layer that virtually integrates all the data siloed across the disparate systems in an organisation, what-ever its format or structure. This presentation outlines how public sector organisations can leverage data virtualisation to:Create a sophisticated data service to easily share data within and across facilities in real-timeImplement a centralised governance framework and roll out security and access control measuresIntegrate data spread across on-prem legacy systems and cloud systems to find the single “...

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Accelerate Cloud Modernization using Data Virtualization

Denodo presentation by Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist at Denodo.

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Data Virtualization: Fulfilling The Digital Transformation Requirement In Banking (Middle East)

In the digital transformation era, banks need a single view of all their data and a way to establish security controls across the entire infrastructure. This can be achieved with Data Virtualization.

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Building Resiliency and Agility with Data Virtualization for the New Normal (Philippines)

While the impact of COVID-19 is uniform across organisations in the region, a lot of how the organisation can recover from the impact and strive in the market would depend on their resiliency and business agility. An organisation’s data management strategy holds the key, as they tackle the challenges of siloed data sources, optimising for operational stability, and ensuring real time delivery of consistent and reliable information, irrespective of the data source or format.Join this session to hear why large organisations are implementing Data Virtualization, a modern data integration...

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Managing the Impact of COVID-19 Using Data Virtualization

To help alleviate the ramifications of COVID-19, Denodo launched the Coronavirus Data Portal (CDP), a collaborative initiative that leverages data virtualization to unify critical datasets originally exposed in different formats from multiple sources and countries, and make the unified data open to everyone.Using the CDP and the data virtualization capabilities of the Denodo Platform, pmOne created detailed reports and AI analysis, seamlessly orchestrating all of the information streams in the pmOne Share Cockpit.Working together, Denodo and pmOne provides the global community with...

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Data Virtualization: Fulfilling the Digital Transformation Requirement in Banking

Data is at the center of this digital transformation, but caution needs to be taken to ensure customers’ data rights, privacy and security are top priorities, especially with initiatives like Open Banking and shifts to Cloud environments. So how do banks move forward, living up to market expectations and staying competitive while protecting their customers and complying with regulations?Banking institutions need to update their legacy systems and implement strategies and services that will transform them into digital financial organizations. They need agile access to information that can be...

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