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Taking the Logical Path to Data Delivery

Presented at World Data & Analytics Show ASEANConsidering the increasing volume of data to be managed nowadays inside organisations, it is time to stop “collecting” the data into a central repository and start “connecting” to the data at the source.The rise of new data architectures paradigms, such as the Logical Data Fabric, facilitate this approach by providing a unified, single logical view of the data and removing the need for data replication. There are significant benefits to be gained by using a logical approach, for example;83% reduction in time-to-value67% reduction in data...

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Accelerate Time-to-Insights for Business Users with Data Virtualization: How Your Peers Use It

Are your business users complaining that the data needed for analysis is severely delayed? Are your executives complaining that they cannot effect their business outcomes in a timely fashion? Are you struggling to accelerate the delivery of the data to them?Quite often the challenge lies in your outmoded IT processes that rely on data replication through physical consolidation, which takes time and resources. How can you deliver the data faster and with fewer resources?Data virtualization might be the key. In a Forrester Total Economic Impact study, companies reported a “65% decrease in data...

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Customer case study: NNIP

NN Investment Partners is a Netherlands-based asset manager, with headquarters in The Hague and offices in 15 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of NN Group, the biggest Dutch life insurer. In this video Piyush Pandey, data analyst with NNIP discusses in detail the data virtualization use case.This customer case study video will cover: ­ NNIP's business challenge ­How they used data virtualization to address this business challenge ­What the benefits of data virtualization are in their particular case ­Why they chose the Denodo platform ­How...

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Vodafone Reduces Service Response Time by 66% and Improves Overall Quality of Customer Service Using Denodo Data Virtualization

In order to optimize their customer service response time and to improve the overall customer experience, Vodafone needed to provide integrated customer information to their call centers and customer portals. For that Vodafone chose the Denodo Platform, to provide a single access point to all the information needed. The Denodo solution offered them the ability to extract data from multiple internal information systems (CRM, billing, support incidents, provisioning, data warehouse, etc.), providing their customer service agents a unified real-time view of their clients.For more information on...

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