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DBTA Best Practices Series: Data Integration and Governance Strategies for the Modern Enterprise

From legacy infrastructures to public clouds, the average enterprise has data spread across different locations, file systems, databases, and applications—and the volume and sources of that data is constantly growing. As a result, while most organizations want rapid access to meaningful, actionable information, effectively integrating and governing data is becoming more difficult.Download this special report for best practices in developing a forward-looking data integration and governance strategy.

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DBTA Best Practices Series: Data Integration and Governance for the Modern Enterprise

Okay, you’re moving, or have moved, to the cloud. How do you handle the data that will be moving in and out of these cloud environments, back and forth from on-premises systems, or even from cloud to cloud? That’s the challenge facing data managers and their enterprises as they increasingly engage cloud services and resources to develop their analytical capabilities.This calls for stepped-up data governance, or the effort to assure the integrity, security, and applicability of data that is generated or stored in cloud platforms—along with on-premises environments. 

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DBTA Best Practices: Riding the Real-Time Wave - Data Strategies and Enabling Technologies

Are organizations ready for the real-time revolution? Somewhat - but they are only just beginning to embrace it. Typically, business decision makers have had to analyze historical data to assemble patterns that might predict upcoming events. However, with the advent of real-time data and analytics, insights on present events, and the use of leading-edge AI technologies, inferences may be drawn about future events.

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