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Data Transformation for Better Customer Experience

Podcast Guest: Nishtha Chouhan from the Customer Marketing team

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Discovery Denodo Sessão Exclusiva

Denodo: A grande aliada à proteção da sua arquitetura de dados da sua empresa!Se sua empresa caminho rumo à uma organização data driven e ao mesmo tempo precisa reforçar suas políticas de segurança, esse workshop foi feito para você!Para obter resultados mais rápidos na transformação do uso de dados de sua organização é necessário:Controlar e monitorar a segurança e o acesso aos dados em toda organizaçãoAumentar a colaboração entre unidades de negócios compartilhando dadosOferecer rastreabilidade completa na obtenção dos dadosAplicar facilmente rotinas de mascaramento / anonimizaçãoNessa...

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Building Fast, Resilient Data Infrastructures for Financial Services

Throughout the UK and Northern Europe, data leaders are watching their digital transformation strategies mature, and managing an ever-increasing amount of data as a result. For financial institutions dealing with data silos and legacy systems, this has created many challenges.Read this new research report, produced in conjunction with Corinium Global Intelligence, surveying 100 data leaders in financial services to find out why the industry is among those shifting away from using data lakes and enterprise-wide data warehouses to support their initiatives, and towards federated, domain-...

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Accelerating Data - Driven Transformation and Modernization in the Public Sector

Governments amass large volumes of data, but they are often unable to gain the maximum value from it because government data is often scattered, siloed or poorly integrated and their bureaucracies can hinder change.By democratizing data access and using data more effectively, the public sector can simplify public-service delivery, accelerate IT modernization efforts, reduce fraud and abuse, achieve mission readiness to defend national interests, catalyze massive operational efficiencies while reducing cost, minimizing risk, and boosting public satisfaction and trust.With so much data and so...

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Accelerate your Data Science Ops using Denodo

Data Scientists are often in need of data from many datasets to get proper insights for their AI / ML needs. Even if they figure out the location of their datasets, accessing, transforming and having the ability to store in a single place for frequent access is often difficult and time intensive. With Denodo Platform, you can easily apply the transformations and then make it available for your end users. Additionally, you can also automate this process using our Scheduler jobs.Watch on-demand & Learn how Denodo helps you:Combine data from multiple datasetsTransform the data into a usable...

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