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Data Virtualization for Big Data Access and Data Services Delivery
Big Data projects can quickly turn into Big Data silos…unless you can work out how to easily share your HDFS files and Map/Reduce job results with the rest of the organization. See how Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform allows you to turn your Big Data projects into valuable Big Data assets that can be shared with everyone in your organization.
An Introduction to Data Virtualization
An introduction to how Denodo Data Virtualization can help organizations address and solve key business issues regarding enterprise data integration challenges, exponential data growth, data silos, move to the cloud and IT system complexity, inherent latency, lack of flexibility.
Denodo Platform 5.0 Short Demo
This short demo walks through some of the key capabilities in the Denodo platform covering diverse source connectivity, multiple combination/transformations, universal publishing (including RESTful linked data services), performance, security, governance and monitoring.
Linked Data Services, and How to Take Them to Their Full Potential
Discover how Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform can expose ALL your enterprise data assets as fully RESTful linked data services: a unified virtual data layer that will provide canonical business views of your disparate data assets.
Data Virtualization for IBM PureData Analytics and IBM Big Insights
This demo will give you a flavor of how Denodo helps with the agility of integration and its simplification using a virtual abstraction levels with two PureData Analytics instances. We also demonstrate the enterprise level optimization techniques that ensure performance when using Denodo. Plus, you can see how quickly data can be delivered using the Denodo Platform.