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Denodo Platform 6.0 Datasheet
Denodo Platform 6.0 delivers breakthrough performance for big data, logical data warehouses and operational scenarios with the Dynamic Query Optimizer. The Denodo Platform 6.0 now accelerates data virtualization adoption with cloud support, which enables business users to leverage self-service data discovery and exploration.
The Benefits of the Denodo Platform 6.0 for AWS
Denodo Platform for AWS offers the same features as the award-winning Denodo Platform. Denodo Platform delivers breakthrough performance for big data, logical data warehouse, and operational scenarios with its Dynamic Query Optimizer and expedites the use of data by business users with the self-service data discovery and search capabilities.Download this brochure to learn more about:The 4 main benefits of utilizing the Denodo Platform for AWS.Denodo for AWS 30 day free trial.How Logitech successfully deployed the Denodo Platform for AWS to provide a more reliable, efficient, and cost...
Demo: Exploring the Self-Service Capabilities of the Denodo Platform
In this demo, Ed Robbins, Senior Sales Engineer for Denodo, explores the self-service capabilities of the Denodo platform and what's to come in the Denodo Platform 7.0. Watch this demo to learn:How Denodo's Information Self-Service Tool works.How to build and share customized views of the data.How to enrich the metadata with tags, annotations and comments to foster collaboration.
Product Demonstration: Virtual Sandbox for Data Scientists at Enterprise Scale
Bhala Ghatate, CTO for Daman, gives a product demonstration using the Denodo Platform 6.0 to create a virtual sandbox for data scientists at enterprise scale.Watch this demo to learn:How self service data access can increase the efficiency of data scientists.How testing framework and access to live production data during model training result in more accurate models and allow for reuse.How tracker dashboard and automation of production deployment support agile model development.
Product Demonstration: Three Dimensions of Data as a Service
Edwin Robbins, Sales Engineer for Denodo, gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with a particular focus on how data virtualization enables data as a service.Watch this demo to learn:How you can integrate external with our existing data assets built in-house using data virtualization.How data virtualization can connect existing data silos within your organization and limit the amount of data shuttled back and forth.How to enable pre built and packaged analytics using Denodo's data virtualization platform. 
Accelerate Self-service Analytics with Universal Semantic Model
Edwin Robbins, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a brief product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 to illustrate this universal semantic model and how it can bring value to organization specifically in the form of self-service analytics.Watch this demo to learn how to:Move data integration and semantic later to independent data virtualization platformMake your platform purpose built for supporting data access across multiple heterogeneous data sourcesEnforce common and consistent security and governance policies
Product Demonstration: Centralize Security and Governance with Data Virtualization
Phoebe Bakanas, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with particular focus on how to centralize your security and governance with data virtualization.Watch this demo to learn how to:Centralize security across multiple consuming applicationsUnderstand role based privileges integrated with existing LDAP ADAdd column and row level restrictions applied like redaction and masking
Denodo Platform 6.0 Demo: How to Create a Complete View of the Customer with Data Virtualization
Phoebe Bakanas, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with particular focus on how to create a complete view of the customer with data virtualization.Watch this demo to learn how to:Build a single view of a business entity enriched with real time data.Connect to a CRM system, Semarchy MDM and Salesforce.Integrate with an external existing MDM system.
Demo: Data Virtualization as a Core Component of Big Data Fabric
Big data fabric combines essential big data capabilities in a single platform to automate the many facets of data discovery, preparation, curation, orchestration, and integration across a multitude of data sources.Attend this session, presented by Pablo Alvarez, Director of Solutions Consulting, Denodo to view the demonstration of big data fabric, and to learn how data virtualization constitutes a recipe for:Enabling new actionable insights with minimal effortSecuring big data end-to-endAddressing big data skillset scarcityProviding easy access to big data without having to decipher various...
Realizing the Full Potential of MDM
MDM implementations require substantial investments in not only time and money, but also in hardware, physical space, and resources. Unfortunately, many companies that have already made these investments are unable to unlock the full potential of their customer, product, supplier and other data, once mastered. This is not because of any strategic weakness of MDM, but because MDM systems can only focus on two core functions, but not those that focus on transactional data. Read this solution brief to learn how MDM combined with data virtualization can enable a complete view of the customer,...