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Agile Development Lifecycle and Best Practices with Denodo

Can you follow agile methodologies in Denodo development? What are the activities of the different teams in a sprint? What are the best ways to manage your development, testing, and promotion?Join us for this session with Princess Jamelyn Ramos, Technical Consultant at Denodo, to get insights on how to plan and manage your sprint activities in Denodo development with recommended best practices.Watch On-Demand and Learn:Sprint timeline and activitiesSuggested automation for continuous integrationPromotion process and continuous delivery

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Development Strategy and Best Practices with Denodo

Are you looking to define a development strategy for your organization based on the best practices? Thinking about how to establish a structure for your project? Are you modeling the metadata in the right way?Join Varun Prasan Keshar (Data Engineer, Denodo) to get directions on how different development strategies can be implemented with Denodo along with the Best Practices.This session would revolve around the following topics:Organizing Projects with DenodoStructuring the MetadataView Development

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