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Forum Banca 2016

Denodo is proud to be a gold sponsor and exhibitor at Forum Banca 2016 in Milan on September 28, 2016.  We invite you to attend our speaking session at 12:45pm about data virtualization and Big Data virtualization in banking presented through client use cases.  We will be happy to speak to you at our stand - A4 - about the various use cases of data virtualization and the benefits it provides to your organization, and you can also pick up your Denodo tote bag and data virtualization notebook!

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Smart Data Summit Dubai

We are heading back to Smart Data Summit Dubai this year as a Gold Sponsor, and we hope to see you there!You can expect to meet our experts who will be able to tell you how the Denodo Platform for data virtualization can fit into your business architecture and the benefits it can provide by discussing real client use cases.  Additionally, if you haven’t heard about it yet, you will be able to gain information about the latest version of our software, Denodo 6.0, launching March 31st in EMEA.   To learn more about the Fast Data Strategy with data virtualization, make sure to attend “Increase...

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Revolution Banking 2016

Come visit Denodo at Revolution Banking 2016 in Madrid (Spain). Ángel Viña, CEO of Denodo, and José Valiño Blanco, CIO of ABANCA, will discuss the key to success of Big Data projects in commercial banking in a session at 12PM. Additionally, Denodo will be sponsoring an executive lunch onsite.

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Smart Data Spain Summit 2016

We are enthusiastic about sponsoring the Smart Data Spain Summit 2016. This is the best event for professionals from private companies and public entities seeking innovative solutions for the management and analysis of their data. Over 50 experts will discuss how to transform data into value, don’t miss it!

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Big Data Paris 2016

We are excited to be sponsoring the Big Data Paris 2016 summit in March. It’s a great opportunity for organizations to learn about the latest innovations around the topic of Big Data.We will be coming with a special guest speaker who will share his unique story and experience with data virtualization.  You won’t want to miss it! Tuesday, March 8th at 10:30am.Don’t forget to look out for our Data Ninja and get your free T-shirt at our booth – Number 409.  While there, use the opportunity to meet and speak to our experts about your company’s needs and find out how the Denodo Platform for data...

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Chief Data Officer Exchange

Come visit Denodo at Chief Data Officer Exchange in London and find out how data virtualization can help your business. This is a networking opportunity for CDOs to distill complex data issues (commercial, operational or technical) into clear, concise action points that can be taken back to their organizations.Guest speaker, Simon Gratton’s presentation, “Establishing a Multi-Speed Data Delivery Organisation,” will speak to the emerging approaches to achieving agile data delivery and the cultural issues that stand in our way.

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Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit

Denodo is a silver sponsor at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit in London.  We invite you to stop by our booth to familiarize yourself with data virtualization use cases and tell us about your data difficulties and needs.  Our experts can explain how the Denodo Platform applies to your case, and how it can help your organization be more agile and effective. Look out for our Data Ninja and get your free T-shirt!To obtain a discounted rate upon registration, please use the following code: GSBIE3.* €325 off the standard rate, discount cannot be applied retrospectively and...

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Data Virtualization for Agile Data Management

Affecto and Denodo will host this event together with the presence of Rick van der Lans as guest speaker. Mr. van der Lans will speak about Logical Data Warehouse and why classic BI architectures are not effective anymore when incorporating and supporting big data, self-service BI and operational BI projects in large organizations. Finally, Denodo will show how to make that Logical Data Warehouse possible through Data Virtualization

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Big Data Tech Italy

Big Data use cases from the user’s perspective. Join other companies in your sector, and hear their stories as they explain how extracting more value from data became the new driver of business in their sector. Each case study will identify the problem, the solution and the benefits. More information: www.bigdatatech.it/evento-bdt-2015

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Alexander Thamm Sommerfest

Denodo is sponsoring the Summer Festival at Alexander Thamm GmbH, taking place in Munich. We invite you to visit our booth and listen-in on our session to learn how data virtualization may apply to your business needs, regardless of the industry.

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