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Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Compliance in Finance Using a Robust Data Governance Strategy (APAC)

Best practices for banks and other financial institutions to modernize their data landscape

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Building Fast, Resilient Data Infrastructures for Financial Services

Throughout the UK and Northern Europe, data leaders are watching their digital transformation strategies mature, and managing an ever-increasing amount of data as a result. For financial institutions dealing with data silos and legacy systems, this has created many challenges.Read this new research report, produced in conjunction with Corinium Global Intelligence, surveying 100 data leaders in financial services to find out why the industry is among those shifting away from using data lakes and enterprise-wide data warehouses to support their initiatives, and towards federated, domain-...

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Partner Solution Brief: Coforge and Denodo

Partner to enable banks and other financial organizations to engage in advanced modernization projects without affecting daily operations.Many banks and financial services organizations are motivated to modernize their systems to include cloud capabilities and advanced analytics, but many are held back due to five key challenges such as security, compliance, systemic risk, downtime and data migration quality.Working together, Coforge and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so they can gain the necessary agility to engage in any number of extensive migration or...

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Enabling Unified Data Access and Analytics Using a Logical Data Architecture (ASEAN)

Presented at Continuous Intelligence Day, powered by Big Data & AI World, SingaporeCredit Agricole is one of the world's largest cooperative financial institutions with a revenue of 26.6B Euros and 142,000 employees. It has operations in more than 30 countries and provides a diverse set of financial services including retail banking, cooperative banking, investment banking, private banking, wealth management, and asset management. The Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking division (CACIB) leveraged data virtualization to build a logical data fabric that provides an efficient...

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How to Leverage Data Mesh to Drive Data Management Modernisation in the Financial Services Industry

Presented at Continuous Intelligence Day, powered by Big Data & AI World, SingaporeThe Data Mesh is a new data management approach centered around a decentralized data architecture and a domain-focused organizational paradigm. It is gaining strong interest and momentum as organizations continue to try to tackle the complexity and challenges around data management.In this session, Felix Liao, APAC Director of Product Management at Denodo, breaks down the key principles behind the data mesh and explains how to leverage data mesh as a key part of a data management modernization strategy in...

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