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Data Virtualization - Enabling Next Generation Analytics

Majority of enterprises today are data-aware. Being data-aware, or even data-driven, however, is not enough. Are your data-driven applications providing contextual and actionable insight? Are your analytics applications driving tangible business outcomes? Are you deriving insights from all the enterprise data? Enter Systems Of Insight (SOI), Forrester's latest analytical framework for insights-driven businesses.  In this webinar you will learn about the key principles that differentiate data-aware or data-driven businesses from their insights-driven peers and competitors. Specifically the...

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How Do You “Sur-thrive” Hyperadoption?

We are evolving from an information era to a customer-centric era. Enterprises must be innovative in delivering systems of insight to remain competitive. In this keynote session, our guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins will discuss the importance of hyper-agility and the need to evolve from a lake to a fabric.In this session, Brian will discuss:

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