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Customer presentation - Transitioning to Cloud Made Simple

Customer presentation - Barney Eccleson, Senior Data Engineer, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

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Customer Case Study: Vancouver Coastal Health

Two years ago Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) embarked on a major overhaul of the clinical information systems used throughout their hospital network. As part of the initiative, they looked into modernizing their analytics and reporting environment. VCH chose data virtualization as the data integration style.In this video, Alan Knox, Director, Technical Data Management at VCH explains how they needed a solution which enabled them to combine their legacy data warehouse with transactional systems and why they chose data virtualization.This customer case study video will cover:Vancouver Coastal...

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Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is a regional health authority providing direct and contracted health services to over a million people across Canada via 10 acute facilities as well as clinics, primary care clinics, community sites, and residential care sites.When VCH needed to roll out a new patient information system, one that is built around a transactional database, stakeholders within the organization knew that the legacy data warehouse would not be able to support the change. Rather than replacing it, VCH implemented the Denodo Platform as a layer above it, which seamlessly integrates...

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Modernizing Data Warehouse Through Data Virtualization

Denoder customer presentation by Alan Knox, Technical Operations Manager at Vancouver Coastal Health.

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Gain Unprecedented Data Access and Agility with Denodo and Wipro

New technologies such as big data, cloud, and the Internet of things (IoT) are increasing the volume and variety of data every day, and companies still struggle with leveraging data assets in a meaningful way. Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, offers a modern, highly effective method for integrating data in real-time and providing a logical data catalog for business use. Wipro has deep expertise across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and energy, to enable companies to facilitate massive data management...

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Erasmus University: A Customer Case Study in Logical Data Warehouse

Kishan Shri, Advisor Business Intelligence, Erasmus MC-Netherlands presents the key takeaways that Erasmus University Medical Center learnt in the process of building their logical data warehouse.

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Customer Case Study: Vizient

In this video, Chuck DeVries, Vice President, Tech Strategy and Enterprise Architecture at Vizient, discusses how they were able to provide adequate value to member hospitals by creating a broader view of their organizational data enabled by data virtualization.This customer case study video will cover:Vizient’s specific business challengeHow they used data virtualization to address this business challengeWhat the benefits of data virtualization are in their particular caseWhy they chose the Denodo platformHow they plan to utilize the Denodo platform and data virtualization in future

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Facilitating Cloud Modernization

Leveraging Data Virtualization To Avoid Cloud PitfallsCompanies are rapidly moving from desktop apps to cloud-based apps, and they’re moving data from physical data centers to cloud-based repositories. These trends show no signs of slowing down; IDG predicts that by 2018, the typical IT department will house most of its apps and platforms in the cloud. Unfortunately, both app migrations and data migrations are fraught with challenges, and companies will need to overcome these challenges if they hope to take full advantage of cloud benefits. 

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The Denodo Platform enabled the real-time integration of myriad heterogeneous, distributed, structured, and semi-structured data sources across Allergan’s holdings, regardless of whether they were in the process of being acquired.Allergan focuses on eye care, neurosciences, medical dermatology, medical aesthetics, etc. With 40 manufacturing facilities and 27 global R&D centers and marketing/sales facilities, the company operates in around 100 countries worldwide. In 2015, the company brought in a revenue of around $15 billion with its 30,000 employees.

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