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Denodo DataFest 2016 Interviews: HPE Vertica

In this podcast, Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President of Denodo interviews Jeff Veis VP of Marketing, Big Data Platform at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2016 page for details on all the sessions.

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Enterprise View of Data with Semantic Data Layer

Gaining an enterprise view of the data across different independent lines of businesses is difficult when the operations, systems, and data are inherently siloed. VSP Global is integrating the silos using a semantic data layer.

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Integration of the Denodo Platform with HPE Vertica

Learn how to integrate HPE Vertica into the logical data warehouse using the Denodo Platform.

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Denodo Expands the Logical Data Warehouse with Support for HPE Vertica

Understand the benefits of using the Denodo Platform with HPE Vertica, and how you can leverage this integration to improve performance increase information agility.

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