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The Benefits of the Denodo Platform 7.0 for AWS
Denodo Platform for AWS offers the same features as the award-winning Denodo Platform. Denodo Platform 7.0 delivers the combined power of parallel in-memory fabric & dynamic query optimization in the most demanding big data and analytics scenarios,  caching and MPP engine processing. It expedites the use of data by business users with the self-service data discovery and search capabilities in the new data catalog.Download this brochure to learn more about:
Next-Gen Cloud Analytics with AWS, Big Data and Data Virtualization
The Denodo Platform for AWS enabled Logitech's cloud journey with minimal impact on business operations. The Denodo Platform acts a big data fabric layer and sources data for all of Logitech's analytics initiatives from descriptive to prescriptive to predictive analytics including NLP processing engines.Attend this session to learn how Logitech:Reduced TCO such as infrastructure and operational expenses Empowered their business users with advanced analytics capabilitiesUses AWS and Denodo as their innovation engine
Customer Case Study: Logitech
In this video, Avinash Deshpande, Chief Software Architect at Logitech explains how they were able to build a cloud solution using data virtualization which gave them access to their data in real-time.This customer case study video will cover:Logitech’s specific business challengeHow they used data virtualization to address this business challengeWhat the benefits of data virtualization are in their particular caseWhy they chose the Denodo platformHow they plan to utilize the Denodo platform and data virtualization in future
The Benefits of the Denodo Platform 6.0 for AWS
Denodo Platform for AWS offers the same features as the award-winning Denodo Platform. Denodo Platform delivers breakthrough performance for big data, logical data warehouse, and operational scenarios with its Dynamic Query Optimizer and expedites the use of data by business users with the self-service data discovery and search capabilities.Download this brochure to learn more about:The 4 main benefits of utilizing the Denodo Platform for AWS.Denodo for AWS 30 day free trial.How Logitech successfully deployed the Denodo Platform for AWS to provide a more reliable, efficient, and cost...
Snowflake and Denodo Enhancing Real-Time Decisions with Zero-Downtime Migrations to the Cloud
Data volumes are growing exponentially, and traditional, on-premise data warehouses are costly to scale. However, companies feel locked into these systems as they are often tied to business-critical operations. Cloud-based solutions are promising, but companies are reluctant to migrate from legacy systems, since this would result in costly downtime.Download and read this solution brief to understand:How Denodo establishes a data virtualization layer to enable companies to migrate from legacy on-premise systems to Snowflake.How Logitech, a worldwide manufacturer of personal computer...
Lowering IT Costs with Big Data and Cloud Modernization
Organizations are fast adapting cloud to lower the IT costs, and increase agility.Watch this Denodo DataFest 2017 session to discover:How Logitech migrated their on-premise data warehouse and big data systems to the cloud and minimizing costs and immensely improved their time-to-market.The four main challenges Logitech faced when moving their data to the cloud.The benefits of adding a data virtualization layer to your data architecure.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2017 to watch all the sessions on-demand.
Denodo Cloud Solutions
Enabling Companies to Maximize Cloud ROICompanies are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to gain greater agility and scalability. However, though cloud technologies surmount many challenges, they can also present a few of their own. Data virtualization is a technology that overcomes each of these challenges, enabling companies to gain the maximum benefits from cloud initiatives.Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:
Facilitating Cloud Modernization
Leveraging Data Virtualization To Avoid Cloud PitfallsCompanies are rapidly moving from desktop apps to cloud-based apps, and they’re moving data from physical data centers to cloud-based repositories. These trends show no signs of slowing down; IDG predicts that by 2018, the typical IT department will house most of its apps and platforms in the cloud. Unfortunately, both app migrations and data migrations are fraught with challenges, and companies will need to overcome these challenges if they hope to take full advantage of cloud benefits. Download this solution brief to learn more about the...
The Roles of ETL, ESB, and Data Virtualization Technologies in Integration Landscapes
The problem of data silos, which are data sources that are unable to easily share data from one to the other, has plagued the IT landscape for many years, and continues to do so today, despite the advents of broadband Internet, gigabit networking, and cloud-based storage.The problem with data siloes is that no one can run a query across them; they must be queried separately, and the separate results need to be added together manually, which is costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. To bring the data together, companies use one or more of the following data integration strategies:Extract,...
Accelerating Cloud Analytics Using Big Data Fabric
Data Virtualization was critical in Logitech’s cloud journey with minimal impact on business operations. The Data Virtualization Platform acts as a big data fabric layer, sourcing data for all of Logitech’s analytics initiatives from descriptive to prescriptive to predictive analytics including NLP.In this session, Logitech's Principal for Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Avinash Deshpande will explain:Built a hybrid data fabric to integrate and deliver information across on-premises and cloud seamlessly.Empowered business users with a symbiotic environment for rapid innovation with...