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Denodo Partner Connect: Technical Webinar - Architect Associate Certification Preparation

The purpose of the Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate (DEN80EDUCAA) exam is to provide organizations that use Denodo Platform 8.0 with a means of identifying suitably qualified data architects who understand the role and position of the Denodo Platform within their broader information architecture.This exam covers the following technical topics and subject areas:Denodo Platform functionality, includingGovernance and metadata managementSecurityPerformance optimizationCachingDefining Denodo Platform use scenariosAlong with some sample questions, a Denodo Sales Engineer will help...

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Denodo Solution Manager: Best Practices for Promotion

What is the best way to manage metadata promotion? How do organizations seamlessly promote the metadata, users, and their permissions? How can administrators guarantee the stability of the service in the event of failure?Join us for this session with María Sordo, Technical Account Manager, Denodo, and get key insights on how to promote the metadata using Solution Manager and walk away with best practices and practical tips.Watch On-Demand and Learn:Recommended steps through the promotion process using Solution ManagerPermissions management during the promotionBackup and rollback...

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