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Denodo in the Mid-Market: How Denodo Professional can help Mid-Market Users Begin their Data Integration Journey?

Podcast Guest: Mitesh Shah, Director - Global Cloud Product Management, Denodo

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Accelerate Data Delivery via Secure Data Exchange

Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. Business decision makers need clean, curated and data driven information that is custom-fit to their goals, so that when it arrives, it is immediately intelligible. One of the ways data can be made available to business users immediately is through data-as-a-service (DaaS), which is exposed in the form of an API.Download this solution brief to learn:The key challenges in providing DaaS in a secure and governed fashionQuick introduction to Denodo ProfessionalReference solution architecture of...

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How Mid-Market Businesses Can Create Unified Customer Insights

There are many benefits to having a complete and holistic view of your customer data. However, most organizations have customer data scattered across different applications and databases as well as in Excel spreadsheets. The Denodo Platform can simplify the process of accessing your customer data from your different sources to provide a complete view of the customer and their interactions with your organization.Download this solution brief to learn:The key challenges faced by mid-market companies in creating a customer 360 viewHow Denodo Professional helps mid-market companies with customer...

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Denodo Platform Mid-Market

ONE Platform for ALL Your Data Integration and Data Delivery Needs - Agile | Simple | Budget-Ready

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