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Denodo DataFest 2017 Interviews: Semarchy
In this interview, Richard Branch VP & General Manager at Semarchy discusses how they are challenging the traditional view of MDM projects.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2017 page for details on all the sessions.
Denodo Platform 6.0 Demo: How to Create a Complete View of the Customer with Data Virtualization
Phoebe Bakanas, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with particular focus on how to create a complete view of the customer with data virtualization.Watch this demo to learn how to:Build a single view of a business entity enriched with real time data.Connect to a CRM system, Semarchy MDM and Salesforce.Integrate with an external existing MDM system.
Denodo DataFest 2016 Interviews: Semarchy
Interview with Salah Kamel, CEO at Semarchy, discussing how their MDM platform and the Denodo platform can work together to provide value to both IT teams and the business users in a self-service manner.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2016 page for details on all the sessions.
Partner Interview with Semarchy at Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit
In this interview Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing speaks to Michael Hiskey, Chief Marketing Officer at Semarchy. He explains how a data virtualization layer and a master data management solution can work together to extend the value to the end user. Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.
Intelligent MDM for Big Data
Organizations can provide a true 360-degree view of critical master data entities by exploiting big data like social data. MDM provides a meaningful context to big data and a complete view of critical master data entities such as product, customer and employee.In this presentation, Semarchy will discuss:Why MDM is crucial to the success of big data projects.How to combine MDM and Data Virtualization to provide a complete view of the customer.Practical use cases representing big data and MDM. Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.
Combine Master Data with Transactional Data, to Better Anticipate Customer Needs
A complete view of the customer begins with a single view of the customer. However, a customer view is not fully complete until it includes a view into all of the pertinent transactions that a customer has made. With this view, companies know who each company is, what he or she has purchased, and what interactions he or she has recently engaged in, so they can treat all customers like highly respected individuals. Denodo and Semarchy together enable companies to achieve a complete view of the customer by combining data virtualization technology with master data management (MDM).  Download...
2-Step Process to Boost Business Productivity using Real-time Data Virtualization and MDM
As organizations grow, businesses productivity declines – customers churn due to mediocre support, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are missed due to lack of customer insight, and ROI from marketing campaigns declines due to poor targeting. And, the root problem might not be people, but DATA – you might not have a consistent and complete view of the customer. MDM and data virtualization together provide the complete customer context – a single view of the customer along with associated transactions. With it, companies can instantaneously reduce customer attrition, increase revenue with...