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Feeling the Pain in Supply Chain and Manufacturing? A Logical Data Fabric May be the Answer

Panel by Dave Nixon, Enterprise Data Account Executive at Denodo; Darrin Joncas, Managing Partner at W5; Dr. Sathyan Munirathinam, Senior Manager at ASML; and Dimuth Samaranayaka, Executive Manager, Data Analytics at Hastings Deering; and moderated by Joanne Friedman PhD., CEO|Principal, Smart Manufacturing at Connektedminds Inc.

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Supply Chain Optimization through the Power of Integrated Data

Having control over the flow of timely and accurate information is complex. Any disruption in any link of the supply chain can cause unexpected delays. That means that you don’t get what you need, when you need it, to deliver in your business. Your customers don’t get what they need and expect from you.This report looks at how better data management along the supply chain is at the heart of your success by improving visibility, predicting outcomes, and removing bottlenecks. It offers insight from leading experts and manufacturers like Ford, Lockheed Martin, and GeorgiaPacific to suggest...

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