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Visualisation Meets Virtualisation
Andy Kemp is the Senior Sales Consultant at Tableau Software and one of the keynote speakers at Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2018. In his presentation entitled "Visualisation meets Virtualisation", he will discuss how the combined power of the Tableau Analytical Platform and Denodo Platform 7.0 will help allow self-service business intelligence throughout the entire organization.Attend this session to discover:How to build the culture of Agile BI in your organizationHow to enable a more agile and flexible virtual enterprise data warehouse.Why a common semantic layer is crucial
Denodo DataFest 2017 NY Interview: Tableau
An interview with Nicholas Brisoux, Sr Product Manager at Tableau, a Denodo partner and official sponsor of Denodo DataFest 2017.Visit the Denodo DataFest 2017 page for details on all the sessions.
Partner Interview with Tableau at Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit
In this interview, Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing speaks to Dan Kogan, Director of Product Marketing at Tableau. He explains how Denodo and Tableau work and compliment each other. The aim of Tableau is to help people see and understand data, while the Denodo platform brings together many different sources, accelerating the performance of tools like Tableau.Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.
Applying a Three-Tiered Data Strategy
Is your organization drowning in the data lake too? Leading big data organizations are leveraging a multi-tiered approach to data for consumption in Tableau.In this session, Dan Kogan, Director of Product Marketing, Tableau will present:Present the challenges of visualizing big dataEstablish best practices for leveraging Hadoop/Spark directly, and through the Big data Fabric layer such as Data VirtualizationShare big data customer use casesVisit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit page for details on all the sessions.
Denodo TDE (Tableau Data Extract) Exporter Tool
Combined use of Denodo and Tableau achieves the best self-service BI experience for end users while at the same time IT still maintains control on the actual workload submitted to data warehouses and operational systems. This is made possible with the Denodo TDE (Tableau Data Extract) Exporter Tool which allows the generation of TDE memory-mapped files from a variety of data sources, regardless of their complexity. This data sheet outlines the features and functionalities associated with the Denodo TDE Exporter Tool, and how customers can improve their performance and user experience when...