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Triangle and Denodo: Enabling companies to leverage advanced expertise and technology to gain the maximum value from their data

Big data, cloud, the Internet of things (IoT), and other modern developments continue to increase the volume and variety of data every day, yet companies still struggle with leveraging data as a strategic asset. This is largely because companies have heavily invested in data architectures over time, and as new technologies become available, data architectures become fragmented, and historical data sets cannot easily be integrated with emerging data sources. As a result, business analysts must enlist the help of IT to build ad hoc integrations, which takes an impractical amount of time and...

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Everything You Need to Know About Data Virtualisation

As your business strives to become more agile and data-driven, the need to understand and harness the data that you have has never been more important.Waiting for hours or even days, with traditional data integration methods is no longer feasible. And physically replicating, moving and storing data multiple times is becoming more expensive by the day.That’s why, during 2020, Garter predicts that 35 percent of enterprises will implement some form of data virtualisation, as an efficient and cost-saving production option for data integration. But, with all the hype, you’re most likely wondering...

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