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Edge Computing and the Need for Data Virtualization
No time like the present! That's one reason why edge analytics continues to grow in value and importance. With the right analytic architecture in place, companies can not only identify opportunities at the edge, they can take appropriate actions. The use cases span everything from retail to manufacturing, energy to healthcare, financial services to government. But one often overlooked component is the data.In this webinar, Mike Burkes, VP of BI for Ultra Mobile will explain how his organization is using edge analytics to outpace their competition. Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product...
Ultra Mobile Case Study: Transforming into a Data-Driven Organization
Ultra Mobile Offers Best-in-Class Customer Service While Keeping the Rapid Pace of User Base and Profitability Growth Intact, Using the Denodo Platform Ultra Mobile’s business users needed to answer questions such as “Where will the next phase of growth come from?” or “How do we best retain our customers?” Unfortunately, their business intelligence and reporting solution could not keep pace as quickly as the business evolved.The solution needed to present data in a consistent, single view, as the blending and federation of data in the BI tool was not mature. Download this case study to learn...
Customer Case Study: Ultra Mobile
In this video, Kalpesh Vyas, Director of Analytics at Ultra Mobile, discusses why they chose the Denodo Platform and how data virtualization helped them to integrate their disparate data sources.This customer case study video will cover:Ultra Mobile’s specific business challengeHow they used data virtualization to address this business challengeWhat the benefits of data virtualization in their particular caseWhy they chose the Denodo platformHow they plan to utilize the Denodo platform and data virtualization in future