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Overcoming Telecommunications Challenges with Data Virtualization

With data virtualization, telecommunications providers are driving profits and reducing churn.Telecommunications providers are under constant pressure to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace for customers who are increasingly difficult to retain. Subscribers are always in search of the latest and greatest services, and will quickly gravitate to the provider with best offer, the best customer service, and the widest, most available network coverage.Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:

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Ultra Mobile's Journey to Data Virtualization and Analytics Democratization

For a young company in a rapidly competitive telco space, Ultra Mobile captured vast amounts of data that needed to be curated and analyzed in order to create value. But the underlying infrastructure didn’t support what the teams needed in order to be great at what they did. The dissemination of information was laborious and clunky at best.Ultra Mobile had multiple data sources spread across a wide range of database environments including MySQL, SQL Server, Excel, and Cloudera Hadoop distribution. They needed a cost-effective and fast time-to-value path to data collaboration and analytics...

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Edge Computing and the Need for Data Virtualization

No time like the present! That's one reason why edge analytics continues to grow in value and importance. With the right analytic architecture in place, companies can not only identify opportunities at the edge, they can take appropriate actions. The use cases span everything from retail to manufacturing, energy to healthcare, financial services to government. But one often overlooked component is the data.In this webinar, Mike Burkes, VP of BI for Ultra Mobile will explain how his organization is using edge analytics to outpace their competition. Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product...

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