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Unlock the full potential of SAP integration with Denodo and Meister

The complexity of consuming SAP data in real-time and integrating it with other disparate sources has historically been difficult to accomplish. The SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) does not provide sufficient capability and performance to support most use cases. There is a new SAP Certified solution that dramatically improves performance and leverages REST APIs for external communication.Join Denodo, Gateway Architects and W5 Consulting to learn about the value of a logical Data Fabric and delivery platform and its role in this new solution. The webinar will overview the solution including how...

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Partner Solution Brief: W5 and Denodo

Working together, W5 and Denodo provide companies the ability to overcome all of the above challenges, so that organizations can take advantage of the latest developments when it makes sense for their business.Highly experienced with the Denodo Platform, W5 not only assists in the implementation of the Denodo Platform at any phase but can architect the most effective structure for delivering the data to meet each client’s business goals and build unique solutions that leverage the real-time data that the Denodo Platform provides.The W5/Denodo solution reduces unnecessary transition time, data...

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