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Big Data but NOT in Hadoop: Industrial Strength Web Data Collection at Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer provides information services to many verticals in 40 countries. Unprecedented growth in regulatory and social data has fueled demand for its products, but also poses significant scalability and complexity challenges in automating data collection. Mediregs, the healthcare unit, has a content database of over 10 million documents that must be constantly refreshed and added to. Their web extraction process, first manual and then automated through PERL scripts, was unable to scale and was being thwarted by dynamic web technologies. This impacted customer experience and revenue.
Krish Krishnan Interviews Wolters Kluwer on Their Data Virtualization Deployment
Krish Krishnan, a leading industry analyst, has a discussion with Guy Hanan, Data Conversion Manager at Wolters Kluwer, on the challenges faced in integrating healthcare regulation data from external web sources and why and how Data Virtualization addresses these challenges. Guy elaborates on how Denodo's Data Virtualization platform, by enabling automated web data extraction, has made their publishing process more efficient, accurate and scalable.This discussion also involves Suresh Chandrasekaran, VP, Denodo Technologies who provides his inputs on how Data Virtualization helps in increasing...