Johannesburg Stock Exchange needed to enable high-volume real-time analytics across their trading platforms, for market analytics and regulatory compliance.  However, this was challenged by data being spread across multiple data sources, owned by their respective lines of business. Denodo helped unify data and remove data duplication across systems, resulting in a much simpler data ecosystem. One of the benefits was the redeployment of the “shadow IT team”, twelve senior developers across teams which could focus on other projects. Denodo also helped accelerate the development of analytic applications, due to all required data being available from a single interface.  JSE can now deliver more application releases to their users much more quickly than before, leading to much faster time-to-insights and bringing new services to market much more quickly than before. Additionally, a single unified data access layer allowed for data democratization, where all data users within JSE would easily and safely discover and consume data on their own. Finally, JSE’s cloud migration was simplified and accelerated by maintaining a single unified interface for data users, resulting in consistent low-latency quality-of-service to the business.