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Le Forem is a Belgian company that provides services for job-seekers, including job training programs, finding and applying for open positions, and students looking for their first job after graduating, among others.

Each of these services had its own siloed datasets, but Le Forem needed a comprehensive, single view of the job seeker, to provide the best possible experience across all services, as well as the analytics to measure their performance and drive their success.

Le Forem needed a data platform that could provide:

  • Effective data governance and data quality, so the data could be trusted
  • Strong security, so Le Forem could enforce data privacy policies and comply with data privacy regulations
  • IT efficiency, so Le Forem could do more with less

In this video, Vincent Boucheron, data architect at Le Forem, explains how the Denodo Platform met all three needs. Beyond that, the Denodo Platform proved that it could support very high data volumes (querying millions of rows in seconds) and deliver data in formats fit-for-purpose to each user profile in the company, such as job-seeker service professionals, data scientists, and other analysts, as well as external partners, including government agencies and universities.

The Denodo Platform also provided fine-grained access control and selective data masking capabilities, enabling streamlined compliance with data privacy regulations. Le Forem also appreciated the flexibility of the Denodo Platform and how fast and easy it was to take any data source, including external ones, and deliver data to the business through a variety of methods including APIs and partner-sharing networks.

Without the Denodo Platform, Le Forem would have had to move large datasets into – and create large datasets in – a central data hub, which would have been time-consuming and prohibitively expensive.

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