In this video, Vincent Boucheron, Data Architect Le Forem, explains how his company transformed their data siloed infrastructure into a new logical data model that enables them to deploy a fresh and modern new data strategy.

This logical data model, powered by data virtualization, allows Le Forem to integrate, manage and deliver data to support their data steward and data office teams to implement their data strategy and digital projects.

In this video you will:

  • Understand how data virtualization transformed the data model in Le Forem from a siloed architecture into a new logical approach, which optimizes their daily operations, keeps data governance and security on top and enables 360 views on key operational elements.
  • Learn how Denodo can perform combined queries data from 1,3 million records on Sybase and 2 million records in Oracle in 2 seconds, without the need of moving or copying the data into a new repository to perfom data quality checks or federate business visions and actions.
  • Review the use of Denodo Platform at Le Forem and see how they published data dynamically according to the profile of the users, or exposed masked data o their data scientists to build data models that are unique to the users, based on the need or interests.