Digital Transformation and the Insurance Industry

Taking customer experience to the next level with Logical Customer 360

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Many insurance companies are implementing Customer 360 solutions to optimize customer-facing business processes, deliver new value-added services, and deploy advanced analytics against a single, complete version of customer truth.

Like many other insurance companies, our customer Mapfre had a goal of greater customer engagement by responding to the needs of its customers’ households and other family members and offering discounted policies and packages of policies that are fit-for-purpose for life changes and situations facing them. For this, Mapfre needed a common view of household, and it had to be integrated across all business processes that had customer touchpoints, from original policy sale and underwriting all the way through claims resolution, across all individuals in that household.

Watch this video to learn how the Logical Data Fabric, powered by the Denodo Platform, delivers the promise of a complete, trusted, and real-time updated Customer 360, while significantly reducing the time, costs and risks of data management.

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