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Katrina Briedis

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Presented at Chief Digital Officer Asia Summit

Data virtualization goes far beyond self-service – it’s become an essential element for teams who have been forced to rethink data deliverability. The road to better data insights is not only dependent on data accessibility but is even more reliant on the guided approach for data discovery. The data landscape is vast and has become even harder to navigate. The ability to access your data is no longer sufficient, we need systems to guide us to the right data, and more importantly to enable us to ask better questions.

In this session we will discuss an alternative, flexible and agile approach to data delivery that can lead to significant benefits for analytical use cases:

  • Deliver data 65% faster
  • Accelerate AI/ML initiatives by 30%
  • Empower Knowledge Workers to be 50% more productive

Watch this session to learn how Denodo can provide guidance and guardrails for better data insights.

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