Analyst Webinar: The Role of a Logical Architecture in Modern Data and Analytics

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Jacqueline Bloemen
Jacqueline Bloemen Senior Analyst BARC
Inessa Gerber
Inessa Gerber Director of Product Management Denodo

Modern data and analytics requires empowerment of business users who possess domain knowledge and are best suited to have decentralized data ownership. But the current data landscape, which has a heavy dependency on data warehouse, is limited in terms of flexibility, extensibility and comprehensibility.

In this session, we will reflect on the findings from the recent BARC report “The Future of Data Architecture - Has the data warehouse had its day?” with one of its authors, Jacqueline Bloemen, Senior Analyst at BARC. Jacqueline will provide us with insights pulled from the global survey findings that led to the conclusions presented in the report.

We will also look into how implementing a logical data fabric (LDF, an extension of LDW), powered by data virtualization, helps organizations extend the life of their data warehouse implementations, whilst embracing the need to manage and eliminate data silos. You will take away an understanding of how a LDF helps you integrate, manage and deliver your data for data science and analytics programs to further your business goals.

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