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Augmentation, Collaboration, Governance: Defining the Future of Self-Service BI

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Saptarshi Sengupta
Saptarshi Sengupta Sr. Director Product Marketing Denodo

According to Dresner Advisory’s 2020 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study, 62% of the responding organizations say self-service BI is critical for their business. If we look deeper into the need for today’s self-service BI, it’s beyond some Executives and Business Users being enabled by IT for self-service dashboarding or report generation. Predictive analytics, self-service data preparation, collaborative data exploration are all different facets of new generation self-service BI. While democratization of data for self-service BI holds many benefits, strict data governance becomes increasingly important alongside.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The latest trends and scopes of self-service BI
  • The role of logical data fabric in self-service BI
  • How Denodo enables self-service BI for a wide range of users Customer case study on self-service BI

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