Belgium & Luxembourg dedicated online Data Virtualization discovery workshop

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Emily Sergent
Emily Sergent Ingénieure avant-vente Denodo

Data virtualization has become an essential part of enterprise data architectures, bridging the gap between IT and business users and delivering significant cost and time savings. This technology revolutionizes the way data is accessed, delivered, consumed and governed regardless of its format and location.

This discovery session will show help you identify the benefits of this modern and agile data integration and management technology for your organisation.

Learn about:

  • How to integrate and deliver your data quickly and easily using Denodo Platform 8.0
  • How Denodo's Query Optimizer provides real-time, on-demand data, even for very large datasets.
  • How to expose data as "data services" for consumption by a variety of users and tools
  • How data virtualization can play a critical role in data governance and security within your organization

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