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Vincent Fages-Gouyou

EMEA Product Management Director

Moving data to the Cloud is a priority for many organizations. Benefits - in terms of flexibility, agility, and cost savings - are driving Cloud adoption. This journey to the Cloud is not easy: moving application(s) and data to the Cloud can be challenging and entails disruption of business, when not carefully managed.

When systems are being migrated, the resultant hybrid (or even multi-) Cloud architecture is, by definition, more complex AND making it harder/more costly to retrieve the data we need.

Data Virtualization can help organizations at all stages of a Cloud journey - during migration as well as in our “new hybrid multi-Cloud reality”

Watch on-demand this webinar to learn how Data Virtualization can:

  • Help organizations manage risk and minimize the disruption caused as systems are moved to the Cloud
  • Provide a single point of access for data that is both on-premise and in the Cloud, making it easier for users to find and access the data that they need
  • Provide a secure layer to protect and manage data when it's distributed across hybrid or multi-Cloud architectures

… watch a live demo about how to ease the migration.

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