Cloud Migration Strategies that Ensure Greater Value for the Business

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Kevin Bohan
Kevin Bohan Director of Product Marketing Denodo
Rex Washburn
Rex Washburn Lead Architect & Head of Portfolio, Modern Data Platforms CDW small logo

The cloud is no longer the future; the cloud is now. Companies continue to shift their workloads and data to the cloud to leverage the speed, agility, and efficient scalability the cloud offers. As a result, there is increasing attention given to cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, and lake houses as a way for organizations to simplify managing their ever-increasing volumes of data. However, many find that these new technologies only complicate the data management process.

Join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo as he explores the challenges faced when adopting cloud data services. His presentation will be followed by and engaging fireside chat with Rex Washburn, Head of Modern Data Platforms at Sirius. Together they will discuss practical advice to help work around these challenges.

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  • What are the obstacles faced when moving data to the cloud?
  • The various options to consider to overcome these challenges.
  • A recommended path forward.

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