Converting SAP Business Objects to a New Architecture Solution

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Jose Benavides
Jose Benavides Senior Solution Consultant Denodo

Over the years, customers have implemented BI solutions using SAP Business Objects that span from departmental solutions to enterprise-wide deployments. For many customers, these BI solutions have been and are critical to the operations and management of the business. The users, through IT support, have become accustomed to ad-hoc reporting using Universes along tools like Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports. Based on recent news from SAP, these customers will now have to look for a alternate architectures that does not include traditional SAP Business Objects.

Join us for this session with Jose Benavides, Sr. Solutions Consultant, where will explore a modern solution that will provide business users with similar capabilities to what they have with SAP Business Objects. We’ll present a process for converting years of SAP Business Objects maturity to a new solution with minimal impact to your users.

Watch on-demand and Learn:

  • Different options for converting SAP Business Objects to a new architecture solution.
  • Recommended option for customers.
  • Methodology for a conversion that includes acceleration, PoC, and partnerships.

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