Creating a Logical Data Warehouse for Healthcare Decision Support (US)

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Alan Knox
Alan Knox Technical Operations Manager Vancouver Coastal Health
Paul Fearon
Paul Fearon Senior Solutions Consultant Denodo

A few years back Vancouver Coastal (VCH) Health embarked on a major overhaul of their clinical information systems used throughout their hospital network. As part of the initiative, they created a logical data warehouse (LDW) with data virtualization (DV) to create an abstraction layer, so that while they modernize their data infrastructure, their business would remain uninterrupted.

Listen to Alan Knox, Director of Technical Data Management at VCH and Paul Fearon, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Denodo to learn how:

  • VCH created a performant, large scale LDW using caching
  • VCH built a symbiotic environment of ETL and DV for rapid development
  • VCH is on their way to seamlessly move to the cloud with the help of an LDW architecture
  • Many healthcare organizations are deploying a logical data fabric for their analytical needs
  • What role logical data fabric plays in managing data distributed across regional and cloud boundaries

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