Data Lakes: A Logical Approach for Faster Unified Insights

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Elaine Chan
Elaine Chan RVP Sales, ASEAN & Korea Denodo
Chris Day
Chris Day Director, APAC Sales Engineering Denodo

Data lakes and data warehouses offer organizations a centralized data delivery platform. From the recent Building the Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake report by leading industry analysts TDWI, we discovered 64% of organizations stated the objective for a unified Data Warehouse and Data Lakes is to get more business value and that 84% of organizations polled felt that a unified approach to Data Warehouses and Data Lakes was either extremely or moderately important.

In the recent report Logical Data Fabric to the Rescue Integrating Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and Data Hubs by Rick van der Lans, we also discovered the importance of “time to insight and speed”.

During this webinar, we will discuss how a logical data fabric not only helps organizations have a holistic view of their data across multiple data lakes, data warehouses, and data sources but how it improves time to value.

Catch this on-demand session & learn:

  • How a Logical Data Fabric is the right approach to assist organizations to unify their data.
  • The advanced features of a Logical Data Fabric that assist with optimizing your queries irrespective of data source, whether the data is in a data lake, data warehouse, or other sources.
  • How a Logical Data Fabric with Data Virtualization enhances your legacy data integration landscape to simplify data access and encourage self-service.

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