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Kevin Bohan

Director of Product Marketing

Marc Hobler

Solutions Executive

In the era of data-driven decisions, how you manage and utilize your data is a critical determinant of your business's success. Understanding whether a Data Mesh or Data Fabric is suitable for you can revolutionize your data strategy, sparking innovation and providing you with the insights to drive your business forward.

Join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, as he sheds light on their respective strengths, use cases, and considerations. He will highlight the prerequisites necessary for implementing these architectures and offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for your organization's data strategy. Following Kevin's session, he will be joined by Marc Hobler, Director, Information & Analytics, Mainline. They will talk about what they are seeing within client accounts as it relates to data modernization, data fabrics and data mesh.

5 key takeaways:

  • The advantages of Data Fabric architecture
  • The prerequisites for successful implementation
  • Real-world use cases for each
  • The benefits of a Data Mesh
  • Best practices and recommendations for adopting Data Mesh

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover if a Data Fabric or Data Mesh is in your future, including tips on a successful project.

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